Settling Down

It’s been two weeks since I’ve first step foot on Irish grounds. I’m quite surprised at how quickly I’ve adapted to the city and living on my own. I’ve learned all the bus routes, know where all the stores are, and even know the shortcuts of the city. I feel as if I’ve been living here for way much longer than I actually have. It feels a bit weird to me being able to keep routines and settle into a slice of life to come.

I do miss the first week rush of excitement, the feeling of needing to explore and discover new things. It felt so busy but full of fun. Everyone is sort of doing their own thing now, all busy with classes and work. It’s a bit tricky trying to balance hanging out with everyone when we’re all over the place. Especially when the group is divided into “#teamflorida” and “the CAPA kids” and you want to hang out with both. Most of the time though, we’re all together like one big happy family.

The bus system was one of the more confusing and really frustrating parts of navigating through the city. Maybe I’m just so used to the ease of the RTS system back in Gainesville. I first thought the system was a nightmare to get used to. The app was the least user-friendly thing I’ve ever used for a transportation app. Eventually though I got the hang of it when I was forced to figure it out so I could get to work. I’m proud of myself for now not even needing to check the app and just knowing which routes to take like it’s second nature.

In a few years to come this could be the very life style I’m going to live. Working a nine to five, coming home and “cooking” dinner, and then I’m off to bed and repeat. It’s different that I’ve suddenly developed new life priorities here. Before I would always put social activities and friends above all else, yet here my work and school is coming first. I’m surrounded by about 20 people whom I’ve become really good friends with. Yet, it’s so easy for me to say no to a night out just because I need sleep for work. I don’t get the feeling of missing out either, and I think to myself that I simply have better things to do.


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