Killarney: The Beginning of the Good Weekends

This past weekend I went out into the countryside of Ireland, a small touristy town called Killarny. I went with the entire CAPA crew (all 18 of us). We stayed in an area close to town called Beaufort right at the base of the mountains surrounding Killarney. We got a really fantastic Airbnb that was able to house all of us. The house was gorgeous, and the view it had was even better. We got to explore many of the wild parts as well as its more touristy areas.

The train ride to Killarney was about three hours away from Dublin, and for only 36 euros round trip, it was very much worth it. It was my first train ride and it was very exciting. I’ve never experienced anything like it and it was a very smooth and easy ride. I sat down in front of two elderly couple who were very sweet. There was a snack cart being pushed back and forth on the train and I had asked for water, but once they told me it was 3 euros for a small water bottle I took it back. However, the two couple saw that and ended up buying the water for me. I don’t know why, but I felt so much kindness and warmth in them. I guess I was taken back by the Irish kindness. The countryside ride was very beautiful.

Killarney itself is a fairly small town, compared to Dublin at least, but it hosts a plethora of tourist attraction such as the national park and the Ring of Kerry. Once we got to town we had to find a taxi to our Airbnb which for some reason does not have an address, which made finding the place very confusing. It all made sense when we got to the house and realized it was literally in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. The house and the view was breathtaking. I wanted to stare at the mountains forever. Only five of us got to the house early and we decided to hike up the mountain up in our backyard. The terrain was surprisingly marshy, full of dangerous prickly plants, and barb wired fences, but that didn’t stop any of us from trying to enjoy the view from a different vantage point.


Once the rest of the group joined us later that night we began the festivities of eating 7 boxes of pizza and a lot of refreshments. It was such a great night just full of fun and bonding with one another. Everyone was just having fun in their own little way. One very mysterious part of the night was when half of us decided to take the party outside. We saw a strange man watching us from atop the hill. Some of us decided to go up to the man and ask him who he was or what he was doing but ran away and disappeared into the night. It certainly made me felt unsafe because we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere and here was some man watching us that night. Honestly thought we were going to get murdered. But surprised we didn’t, and I had myself a bed to share for the night so it was safe to say I slept soundly. I woke up early with my roommate to sort of watch the sunrise, and I say sort of because it was very cloudy. Even so the view that morning made me felt like I was in some sort of movie and it was just so calming and relaxing to see something like that.

download (2).png

After going back to sleep from the watching the sunrise, the entire crew decided to hike up to the peak to the mountain in our backyard, something I was really excited for. Although I wished we had done the Ring of Kerry instead because that’s what we were supposed to be there for. Nonetheless the hike up was amazing. Despite all the hazards,8/9 of us made it to the peak and it was breathtaking, metaphorically and literally.


It was one of the girl, Nelly’s, birthday as well so we went back into Killarney to celebrate with dinner, a night in a pub, and then into a

Sunday, we all had to say our goodbyes to the majestic mountains and waking up to a view. We went to the Killarney national park and got to see check out some more bits of nature and got to see Ross Castle and it’s views.


All in all it was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. It was amazing seeing places so beautiful especially with a large group of friends who all just want to have fun. I hope to have more weekends like that and more scenic views to see. This is only the beginning of many good weekends to come.


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