Weather in Dublin or in Florida

It will rain and it will be wet. One of the mistakes I made in packing for Ireland was not only forgetting to pack my rain jacket but also my umbrella. Which means I had to brace through the almost perpetually cloudy and rainy city of Dublin. Another mistake was not buying any boots beforehand either, and you’d think a Floridian would come prepared for all three, but nope.

One great thing about Dublin weather is that it’s almost always cold here. For someone who grew up in 90 degree weather his entire life, this is one big exciting change. I love the cold and although sometimes it gets too cold, especially when coupled with freezing rain, I’d much take this over Florida weather any day. Surprisingly though, it does seem to get warmer every time after it rains. That is, if 400 degrees is warm to you, especially to my more northeastern friends here with me. “It’s warmer here than back at home,” they say as I stand there shivering and teeth chattering. Here 50 degrees means one layer of long sleeves is acceptable and no coat either, while in Florida, I’d be shivering with every step I take.

With the weather almost always being perpetually cloudy I always seem to forget what the sun feels and looks like until it pops out for a minute or two. It’s strange that seeing the sun here is kind of annoying actually since I’m now so used to the neutral colors the clouds create. Even so, clear blue skies means that everyone and their grandparents will be out on the town to take advantage of just how beautiful Dublin really just with a little sun. I can never get over it, especially when it’s clear out but you can’t exactly see the sun. And did I mention it never gets hot here no matter what?

It’s always windy, it’s always cool, and the only time I get wet is when it rains, instead of from sweat, what more can I ask for in the weather? I know this is probably a lame post just because it’s about the weather but it really does make a difference. It’s only one part of why I keep falling in love with the city every day.


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