A Whole lot of Howth

And a whole lot of recovering. This past week was extremely hectic for me, with having work, class, and an exam all on one week, I felt exhausted.The weekend was really the only two main days I got to relax and unwind just the way I like to, by taking scenic walks. This weekend I got travel to two very scenic areas around Dublin, such as the South Wall and Howth.

I spent the majority of my week trying to balance going to work and classes, with trying to study for an exam. Surprisingly it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. Usually I’m a really slow at studying and I need all the time I can get, however with a 9-5 schedule I thought I’d wouldn’t manage at all, seeing how I’m usually tired all the time anyways. Yet I managed to pull through and got a great grade on my exam!

Regarding my internship, it’s definitely been slowing down a lot in pace. At first I had so much work to do that I felt a hint of being overwhelmed, especially since I had only just started. Now I feel like my supervisor is running out of work to give me. I typically get a project that she gives me a week to complete and I can finish it within a couple of hours. I’m starting to think I’m just working way faster than the typical Irish expectations. Most of my work have also been small easy 20 minute projects and I end up having to find ways to occupy myself. A lot of the experience I actually gain from the internship is really through observation, with me sitting in very confidential meetings, but those only last so long as well. Even so, I still feel like I get a lot out of interning at PSG, and it really solidifies my interest in HR.

South Wall

After all those boring and mentally draining days, I was able to get out and explore more of Dublin. On Saturday I decided on a spontaneous trip to the South Wall with my roommate. The South Wall is an inlet that stretches out to the Dublin bay and contains the Poolbeg lighthouse at the end. My roommate couldn’t have picked a worst day to go. The sun was shining when we left our dorm, but by the time we got to the start of the hike there, it was dark gray clouds all around. We thought it would be a quick 20 minute walk to the lighthouse and we could get in and out before it rain, but oh boy. The trail leading up to the lighthouse itself was an hour at least, and then the inlet that leads to the lighthouse was about 30 minutes itself. However, it was all worth it once we made it. It was very refreshing to be standing so far out into bay and being able to hear the sound of crashing waves and the whistling sea breeze again. From the lighthouse we were able to see Howth, our Sunday destination. On our way back it decided it go from misty sprinkles to pouring rain.

Poolbeg Lighthous

Sunday, I was able to recover from my cold and was ready and excited to go to Howth, especially since it was supposed to be a beautiful day. This time, the entire CAPA group went. Howth is a small peninsula city that’s about 30 minutes away from Dublin. It features a dock, a tourist town, and a lot of trails for walking. Howth was absolutely gorgeous, despite the initial rain we got. The entire town is literally retirement goals.

Howth Harbor

After the rain we saw not just one, but two rainbows. A double rainbow! This was no ordinary rainbow, just because of the fact that it felt so close. Like I could run down the docks and reach it. Not only that, we could watch the rainbow literally intensify and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed. It was worth it braving the 40 mph winds and rain to see something like that.img_3397

After that we decided to explore a church and a castle situated at Howth, before heading to Howth Summit. However, that only took us to the bottom of the summit where there were many trails to take, one for actually getting to the summit and one to take for a coastal walk. Unfortunately we took neither but either way it was a beautiful ride up there and back. I’m definitely coming back to take the coastal walk. Howth is too beautiful to not come back honestly.img_3369

All in all my week ended with adventures and explorations, which is exactly what makes me really happy. There’s only more to come, especially since plans of traveling out of the country are starting to manifest itself.

Until the next adventure!


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