Time’s Flying

Time feels like it’s moving a lot faster every week since I’ve been here. I remember the first three weeks feeling so slow, especially with getting adjusted to literally everything. Now I feel like I don’t have enough time for anything. With work and classes, my weeks feels like one big long day. Now I’m struggling to cram in my weekends with travel and just things to do. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Today at work I was moved to a new department in the PSG building, only because of the lack of seating. We got a new intern and she just had to sit in the seat I’ve been sitting at since I started. To be fair, I did take over the seat of another employee, but that’s besides the point. The only bad part about moving is I’m not sitting close to my supervisor anymore so it’s a bit inconvenient for the both of us when communicating. Other than that I sort of liked being moved into another department. It allowed me to see more of the company along with the employees in that department. It’s a total change of scenery for sure. My previous setting was so lively and busy with work. The new spot is still very busy with work but there’s a lot less chatter and moving around than before. It’s a tad boring, but I don’t even know if my new seating is permanent, cause I’m pretty sure I was just placed in someone else’s seat who wasn’t there today.

As far as classes go, one class at Griffith has been very laid back and easy. The only thing coming up is a paper I’ll have to complete right after I get back from spring break, which I am not looking forward to do.

On a brighter note, just yesterday me and one of my friends were able to successfully organized a really nice dinner party for 15 of us. Last week was Dublin’s restaurant week, called Dine in Dublin. It was basically very fancy restaurants having very very good deals for the entire week. Most restaurants offered 3 course meals with a either a bottle of wine or a cocktail. However, the restaurant we were able to book offered a 3 course meals, a bottle of wine, and two cocktails for only $25 a person!

It was honestly one of the best restaurant experience I’ve had. Not only was the food amazing, the wine and cocktails were some of the best alcohol I’ve ever had. The cocktail we all got was a Grey Goose cocktail and it was exactly like drinking champagne. It made me feel so fancy, especially also with a glass of wine with dinner. It was a very fun and enjoyable night with great food and even better friends.

Now, spring break is just right around the corner and I couldn’t be anymore excited for it. My roommate and I have planned a trip down the Mediterranean, hitting about four or five large cities. We’re going to be visiting Barcelona, Andorra, Marseilles, Nice, and possibly Monaco. As you can probably tell it’s going to be some great craic. I’m hoping at least, but I’ll find out when I get there.

Until then, let the luck of the Irish be with ye.


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