Settling Down

It’s been two weeks since I’ve first step foot on Irish grounds. I’m quite surprised at how quickly I’ve adapted to the city and living on my own. I’ve learned all the bus routes, know where all the stores are, and even know the shortcuts of the city. I feel as if I’ve been living … More Settling Down

The Internship

I had my first day at my internship yesterday at PSG Communications. PSG is the top leading PR firm in Ireland and they take clients from all over Europe from small name local brands to large global brands.The company is also divided into four different agencies that all take on different markets of PR such … More The Internship

Orientation Week

It’s Sunday, the 29th, and I’ve been in Dublin for one week now and it’s the first day I really just got to relax and take it easy. The first week has been very hectic with exploring the city and having orientation every single day of the week. No doubt it’s been a lot of … More Orientation Week

Before The Flight

I am currently sitting at the JFK airport waiting for my flight to Dublin, Ireland. I’ve got about three hours to kill. It’s still surreal to me to think that tomorrow morning I’ll be in a completely new continent, new country, new city. I haven’t yet done any research on Dublin at all, which I … More Before The Flight